Our Skydiving Equipment

Our Equipment

Vermont Skydiving airplane
At Green Mountain Skydiving, we fly a well-maintained Cessna 182 allowing our experienced pilots to carry two tandem pairs per load. As a type, the Cessna 182 is the time-tested work-horse of our industry carrying millions of skydivers to altitude over a period of decades. We meet and/or exceed all Federal Aviation Authority regulations and spare no expense in the interest of safety.

Vermont Skydiving Parachute
Our Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems are manufactured by United Parachute Technologies and are popularly regarded as the safest and highest quality systems in the industry. In addition to a Main and Reserve parachutes, each parachute system is equipped with a Cypress Automatic Activation Device (AAD). These are electronic safety devises that, in the extremely rare event of medical or other emergency, activate the reserve parachute at a safe altitude without our assistance. It is extremely rare that they are activated but they have saved lives around the world.

Photo of Plane Photo Credit: Christopher Wright